Wine & Spirits Specialists

For over 35 years, Advantage Transportation has provided superior transportation and logistical services– specializing in specialty/gourmet foods and wine & spirits.

Temperature Controlled Fleet & Warehouse

Rest assured your products will stay in the same fresh condition as when they were packaged.

Expertise, Permits, Bonds & Licenses

We have all the state liquor permits, bonds and licenses to handle your product in a regulated environment.

Customized Just for You

Whether you are shipping just one pallet or a full truckload, Advantage Transportation has you covered. Our transportation and logistics services can be customized for each customer's unique shipping requirements.

Less Than Truck Load (LTL)

While many companies require a minimum shipment size, we are proud to provide our services regardless of size.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

If you're a large enterprise with shipping needs nationwide, our services scale up to transport as much as you need.

Unparalleled Safety

We understand the importance of safety when transporting specialty and perishable items. Advantage maintains a modern fleet with an impressive maintenance program. This, coupled with our team of trained and experienced drivers, ensures the safe and timely delivery of every shipment.

GPS Tracking

Using GPS technology we are able to plan and monitor each shipment across the continental U.S.

Insured & Secured

We use cutting-edge technology to secure and fully insure every shipment of goods we transport.